Steel and lace

The Maison believes in a seamless transition between thought and form, almost a meditation of the senses. Swansong fashions artisanal statement objects, pushing horizons of object design for connoisseurs of good design.

About Maison Swansong

Maison Swansong is home to luxury, exploring the spheres of lifestyle through the third dimension.

Established in 2017 by Sanket Bhansali, the artistic director, the Maison believes in a seamless transition between concept and form, thereby translating vision into reality by the language of design.

The label produces exquisite statement furniture, aiming to meditate within the senses leading to delight through design. The artisanal furniture maintains a fine balance between concept and functionality, catering to the high disposable income group.

The label has further ventured into carpets and rugs, producing handcrafted –knotted, woven, tufted, and creating exclusive artworks.

Furthermore, the Maison has introduced luxury prefabricated structures, both in wood and stone. Crafted in thermowood pine, the wooden structures are broadly categorized into round log houses, glued beam houses, frame based structures and gazebos. The company is the pioneer in prefab construction in stone, creating palatial structures.

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